Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chiang Mai part 2

This time I'll post only a few pictures from Chiang Mai that I didn't post last time.. They're from the next day on our way back home to Phichit, when we stopped by a hot spring.. 
The trip back home felt a lot shorter, probably because we didn't have to spend hours of getting lost and going the wrong way.. :-)

The water in the 'stream'(?) was warm and felt nice since it was quite early in the morning the air felt kind of chilly... The water came from the hot spring a little further away and they had to mix it with cool water since it was over 100°C ...
In the background you can see the water spraying up from the hot spring..
'elose' ?
The air around this place felt almost like being in a 'sauna'..  
They sold eggs that you could put in the hot water to cook.. 

As I might have mentioned in the previous post, the climate and vegetation is really different compared to Phichit, somehow it feels like as if it's even 'greener' in the north.. Or maybe I'm just imagining it.. 
I've no idea why these things were there.. :-)
Don't drink random red sodas..
Right now I don't have anything special to write about except that 'Loi Krathong' festival is coming up (next week!!) which means we won't have school for a few days.. :-)
'Loi' litterally means 'to float' and 'Krathong' refers to a some kind of receptacle that can float on water. During a night of full moon (which happens to be on 10th November), people will put 'krathongs' in the river in the 'ancient' belief of paying respects to the spirit of the waters and asking for forgiveness of polluting the waters.. Although nowadays it's more about just having fun...

Picture taken from
Picture taken from
In the bigger cities (I'm not sure how they'll celebrate the Loy Krathong festival in Phichit, I guess I'll find out sooner or later) they usually have these lanterns called Khom Fai launched up in the air as well. They are supposed to symbol large flocks of giant jellyfish floating by through the sky.
The lanterns are usually made from some kind of thin fabric, such as rice paper..

For those who've seen the animated Disney movie 'Tangled', I'm guessing that the idea of the floating lanterns origins from this festival.. :-)

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eugene fitzherbert said...

wooow nice tangled festival!, då måste du fota mera o lägga upp sen!! o fina bilder från dendär varma källan :)
kram de va kiva o prata igår me dej

Ulrika said...

jaah om de blir nå bra bilder så khylkhyl, men de e ju somsagt kväll o mörkt ja mun käämerää e int den bästa:) mut kattoo kattooo