Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Thailand

Hey again! Most of you probably figured out that I'm back in Finland already.. I can't believe how quickly these past 10 months passed by.
And sorry for not blogging in ages but at the end I simply had too much to do and too little time to sit in front of the computer. Anyway I was just going to write that everything went really well, and I'm back at the north pole, freezing my butt off (although it is actually getting warmer and I am getting more and more used to the 'cold' weather)..

I'm still going to post pictures and write a little about the end and how it was to leave Thailand and also about coming back etc, since that's something a lot of people have been asking and wondering about.

But right now I'm just going to post a little pictures from my last weeks in Thailand when my sister from Finland came to Thailand! We went to Phuket for a week and then we stayed in Bangkok for a few days as well.. but these pictures are only from Phuket.

For those who're wondering if I miss Thailand? Of course I do! Who wouldn't?!
I left and learned about another country, their culture and language and met so many wonderful people! I wouldn't trade my experiences and memories with anything!

First 'lunch' at Patong beach in Phuket

Phad Thai! 

After lunch we took a stroll to the beach (btw this is my sister!)
My Thai nickname! 

Hello in Thai




'Hey let's go find some pizza'

In the evening we went back to the beach and there were these people selling lanterns! (Remember back in October when I wrote about these floating lanterns..?) Tourists as we were we bought one..

We also went to Karon beach, it was raining and windy and the waves were HUGE...

Karon beach

The waves doesn't look that big in these pictures but they were so big that nobody dared to go in the water.. or at least not far away.

And I though I was pale..

Back at the hotel!

Just before sunset! It was beautifuuul!!

The sky was almost burning!

The next day we decided just to relax and take it easy at the beach

For dinner, we went to Phuket town to a local restaurant and had Thai food! 

Swensen's for dessert of course..

Back at Patong!

There were these two AFS students, Siiri from Finland and Alise from Latvia also on 'vacation'! So we got together and had lunch on a cliff near the beach!

Mango and banana shakes!

More Phad Thai! 

And chicken with cashew nuts!

And at dinnertime we found this amazing italian restaurant with the nicest staff!


Swensen's again....

The next day we went on a trip to the James bond island, aka Khao Tapu

There were some funny Thais tickling our feet all the time..

I was almost surprised that there were so many tourists!! 

And these Chinese tourists were seriously standing there for at least 10 minutes screaming AAAAAAGGHH and we started to wonder if they were taking a video or why did it take so long time..??

The legendary James Bond Island!


Our canoe guy was reallllly talkative!

The Piranha?

Alise's and Siiri's canoe guy was so weird.. :D:D:D

We went inside a bat cave where it smelled so bad (probably the bat poop) and we probably got shit all over us..

He said I could swim..? But somehow it was only me and a Russian guy who felt like swimming..?

At the last island..

Our last hotel picture before we had to go to the airport.. Bye bye Phuket! 
Anyway I'll post more pictures later (probably all the pictures from the YFU camp and from Songkran, although from Songkran I don't have that many but I'll post more pictures later anyway!) This blog is not dead, yet! Although soon it will be..
Take care loves!